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150 elephant deaths five months -Wildlife Department sources

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150 elephant deaths within the last five months due to an array of tragic causes, reflecting the escalating conflict between humans and wildlife.

According to Wildlife Department sources, the deaths include 28 from gunshots, 21 from electrocution, 13 from ‘hakka patas’ (explosive devices hidden in food), 2 from poisoning, 3 from train accidents, 1 from a road accident, 7 by drowning, and 4 from other accidents. Further, the causes of other deaths are owing to natural causes or causes that could not be identified.

The majority of these deceased elephants are young. On the other hand, this tragedy extends beyond wildlife, as the ongoing human-elephant conflict has claimed 45 human lives so far this year.

According to Wildlife Department statistics, 2023 saw the deaths of 488 elephants due to various reasons including human elephant conflict while 184 human fatalities directly consequent to the conflict.

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