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Winning skipper Rohit Sharma confirms retirement from T20 internationals

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The Indian captain will be stepping down from the format after India’s T20 World Cup 2024 triumph in Barbados.

Rohit Sharma confirmed after India’s T20 World Cup win over South Africa that he has played his final international in the format.

“This was my last game as well,” the captain said in his post-match press conference, referring to Virat Kohli’s earlier announcement that he will be retiring from T20Is.

“I’ve enjoyed since the time I started playing this format. Better a time to say goodbye to this format. I’ve loved every moment of this.

“This is what I wanted – I wanted to win the cup,” and he saluted the room, to applause from the media.

He had earlier dedicated the T20 World Cup triumph to coach Rahul Dravid – with gratitude for his contribution to the sport.

“What he has done for Indian cricket for the past 20, 25 years, this was the only thing left.

“I am very happy on behalf of the entire team that we could do this for him.”


And he could not praise his players highly enough, mentioning the retiring Virat Kohli, and his bowlers Arshdeep Singh and Jasprit Bumrah in particular.

“I am very lucky to have players like this in my squad, players who are playing for me and Team India – really, really grateful and thankful as well.”

Asked if it was the best moment of his career, Rohit agreed it was certainly up there with the highlights thus far.

“This has to be the greatest time. I can say that. It’s only because of how desperately I wanted to win this. All the runs that I’ve scored in all these years, it does matter but I’m not big on stats and all of that.

“Winning games for India, winning trophies for India – that is what I look forward to all the time.”

sources by – icc

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