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CID won’t let me live in peace’ – Piumi Hansamali

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She had already sold her vehicle a year ago, so she doesn’t understand this, Piumi Hansamali said in a message on her official Fb page.

“The people who bought the vehicle gave me only half of the full amount, and the vehicle is still registered under my name. I have not transported drugs using my vehicle, and it was not involved in any drug raids. I can confidently say that I am 1000 percent correct,”

“Oh god, it was a great relief to sell the vehicle, especially after learning all about the buyer’s background. Despite this, I still face trouble because the vehicle was previously used by former President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. The CID won’t let me live in peace. This has been my worst karma, and I have lost my mental freedom”

“The vehicle was bought in the name of the arrested person’s wife, who was an old friend of mine. So, I trusted them to pay the balance later. That’s just how I am. Those who know me understand this. They gave me Rs. 5 million twice. That’s the truth. This is a trick to frame me for a drug-related crime I didn’t even think about. This will bring a curse upon those who are trying to drag me into this. I’ll curse you all,”

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