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President Unveils “Randora Urumaya” Program to Grant Housing Rights to 50,000 Low-Income Families

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  • Ownership of 130 homes across 31 Apartment Complexesin Colombo District Granted.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe, reflecting on the destruction of his home by fire two years ago, emphasized the importance of having a secure home. This realization prompted him to launch a program aimed at granting full ownership of homes to 250,000 residents living in flats in Colombo.

He highlighted this initiative yesterday (09) during the inauguration of the “Randora Urumaya” housing deed awarding program. In the first phase, 50,000 houses are being provided to low-income families residing in Colombo flats.

During the event, the President symbolically participated in awarding ownership of 130 houses located in 31 apartment complexes in the Colombo district.

As per a concept of President Ranil Wickremesinghe, the 2024 budget proposals introduced the Urumaya program, which aims to provide free land rights to 2 million people and grant full ownership of homes to 250,000 low-income families living in flats in Colombo.

The National Housing Development Authority has paid Rs.150,000 for each of the homes, including flats, that are rented out to low-income earners at Rs.3,000 or less per month. Although the payment has not yet been completed, within a month, 50,000 beneficiary families will receive full home ownership under the first phase. The Authority plans to award title deeds to 1,070 beneficiaries by the end of this year.

President Wickremesinghe further elaborated that through the “Urumaya” program, 2 million people will receive freehold land rights, and 50,000 people will gain full rights to their homes. He emphasized that owning land and a home fulfils the aspirations of the people of this country, and the government is committed to providing as much relief as possible to its citizens.

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