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Internship Program for Ayurveda Graduates Resumes

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– State Minister for Indigenous Medicine Sisira Jayakody

State Minister for Indigenous Medicine, Sisira Jayakody, announced that the halted internship training for Ayurveda graduates, delayed due to the on-going crisis in the country, has recommenced.

He highlighted that the internship program offers a monthly pay of Rs. 67,500, with the government allocating Rs. 320 million for this initiative. State Minister Jayakody made these remarks at a press briefing titled ‘Collective Path to a Stable Country,’ held at the President Media Centre (PMC) today (18).

State Minister for Indigenous Medicine, Sisira Jayakody, stated,

As the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine, we have achieved significant progress. Previously, due to various crises, the internship training for graduates of Ayurveda from universities was delayed. However, on June 3rd, we commenced internship training for 207 graduates of Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani medicine, with a monthly payment of Rs.67, 500.

Additionally, training for another 153 graduates will begin by August 12th. In total, the Department of Ayurveda will be providing training for 418 graduates, with the government allocating Rs.320 million for this initiative.

The Ministry of Indigenous Medicine and the Department of Ayurveda are currently expanding the registration of traditional and indigenous medicine in our country. Applications for registration can be submitted until June 30th.

Additionally, various trade unions have frequently initiated trade union actions, prioritizing their own privileges over fulfilling their duties. Such behaviour contributes to a bleak future for the country.

Some people say our country should emulate Japan, but they are unwilling to adopt the Japanese work ethic. They also advocate for an education system like Australia’s, yet resist establishing universities of similar calibre. Many parents are even willing to sell their properties to send their children abroad for education. This is because various student unions and protests in our country have hindered educational reforms. Therefore, people need to approach this issue with greater understanding.

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